Happy Labour Day!

Today is holiday..public holiday...after a month without public holiday then got off till sunday...Very Good. tomorrow is cuti peristiwa for our school. very nice! Dis is for the first time i celebrate labour day *wink *wink! well, only dis year i started to appreciate all the public holiday, all the rest day and the feeling of cant wait for the pay day!

reaching the month of May meant a lot to me... this is means BUSY. busy with exam paper, busy with correction paper(soon) and Kaamatan day! but big event going to be happen dis month. i cant wait it. counting the day make me nervous. so i just wait for the day. Dunt ask me what the event is, but i will let everyone knows soon. April was tired for me, plus less time for blogging. it is not just about time, but also the internet connection. I just use dial up and spending time on blogging like i use to wont allow me. but happy to know because there will be broadband connection to be installed soon at my quarters. And im counting!

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