i know..few more days will be back to school...I know, i supposed to finish my correction paper.oo nooo. But im so sick of checking their answer or i can say almost no answer. So now im resting after cooking for honey and writing here.
I am happy, our streamyx was OK already. means can update everyday. and can chat everyday. I feel i already have completed life here in Tambunan. I dunt feel dat i am somewhere outta KK. My life now just perfect when i have ASTRO and Streamyx and CAR. But with all of these, i know i can be stucked here in Tambunan for months. and no more social life anymore. But what u can say about social life nowadays?with every single things getting higher, what social can we have?Sumore, im getting married next year, time for me to save. and hope, when all the food price rise, the weight will go down since less food to eat.LOL....i really hope so..
I am still going on with my diet, but this 2 days i ate food that not supposed in my menu but in moderate only. Got flu and makes me sneeze all the time, sometimes got headache and makes me lied on the bed. Gotta continue my work...

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