Fuel price is increasing AGAIN

It is one hot afternoon on Thursday. Few more days, school will open again. And the routine as a teacher start again. Still dunno what to wear for Teacher's day celebration in our school.huhuhuhuhu..
I got flu. Darn...Things getting worst dis days. Lastnite our PM announce again bout the increasing of petrol price. we went to refill our fuel on the back from Karamunsing and it is damn so many people...everybody wants to refill their fuel tank full before the new price of oil at RM2.70 on midnite. we also join the crowd and lucky we only wait a while. But what's the point?at the end u must refil again with the new price? To avoid all of that the solution is, ride the public transport. If other countries like Japan, Uk etc, their government will encourage them to ride bicycle or going to work walking. How bout us? well, if u say walking or bicycle riding to work/school, then it is impossible. Especially Sabahan. KL have their LRT to help them, but how bout us? With the hot sunny everyday, dust and haze everywhere, can u stand under the roof of bustand wait for the bus? and when u ride on bus, the driver will drive like he is in F1. not to say the dust, the rapist stories here and there and many more.
Sumore, the rice price, food, mee and almost everything is increase...how we gonna live in such situation. For me, 2k of salary is not enough..then how bout the 1k income for a parents with 5 children?
Hope there is no increasing anymore or all of our head will increasing to death oso..

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