End of Holiday

Today is Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday seems that my holiday going to end sob~sob~~ i never had enough holiday this time. I week never enough for me. i dont have much time to hang around here and there. everyone ask me to go here and there and of course cannot fulfill everyone wish =) but i am happy.Shopping is a must for every holiday, vacation is another choice, but i cannot go anywhere since i have to budget for the big event in life. Makan-makan here and there is a must also. hehehe...like every nite going out and makan-makan.

Huhuhu, how i wish i stay like this forever and everyone my bank account got money...hehehe

But, i really have to wake up from this enjoyable holiday to back to work and wake up again all the students especially the exam students.

Gonne miss my panda, ubow, cecil and ciela...
Gonna miss my comfort room, my things here and so so...
Anyway tambunan also got everything bah..heheheheh
by the way, i will be home again on friday next week..hehehhe

This is my ciela, sleeping so tight without worries. what she knows is everytime we chopped something in the kitchen there must be food to eat. manja dog..

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