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Today, for the whole day i join honey and his student to science exhibition(Mosti Misti) at 1Borneo. They already went to talk since last Thursday (it was at wisma muis)and i only join them today. It was very great since it is about science and technology. Too bad i dunt have the luck to meet mr. astronaut from Malaysia. we running out time since we have to go back to Tambunan as well. Since the convention is for everybody, all are welcome. i can see this is the opportunity for parents to introduce their children to science world. and i got a lot of information which expand my knowledge.
We reached at 1Borneo at 11 am, and straight away went to the exhibition area. There are many booths which represent many departments especially when it connecting with science and technology such as MSC, forensic, meteorology and so on.

During the science exhibtion, there are a lot of activities to gain children's interest toward science

This kids having fun extracting the DNA cell from onion.

HOney and his student listening about hacker online.

Some of precaution for children when they going online. Parents must aware about this!!!

Boric acid in noodles???well, i did ask the person incharge the effect of boric acid in our food. But she seems speechless and at last she said, i dont know but she know how to test the presence if boric acid.=)

LAstly, my picture together with honey's students..

Good Luck guys..have u all got something form all these. Sayang my school didnt get chance/invitation to be part of this.

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