1st Day Raya

Yesterday, 1st day of raya (I just dunno why i keep on updating after the next day hehehehe) i just stayed at home doing nothing. Thinking of going open house but seems there is none. maybe today. Actually i have a lots of invitation back in Tambunan but fiancee said no need to go back there and spend the rest of holiday here =(
In the afternoon, my aunt and her husband came and bring lemang for us..hahaha..x juga kempunan bah...while we sit and chit chatting, they suddenly she said, come lets BBQ at 4 pm. well, BBQ is always my favourite and for sure i am ok with it. so, we heading to Donggongon buy chicken, meat sosej. so, we have satay for the day.we started burning the charcoal about 5.30 pm.

preparing the beef satay...yummy..one of my fav

presenting the golden colour of chicken satay (not cooked yet)

marinated sausage and chicken wings

open burning???nope..bbq area...

BBQ is done by uncle Mike. sorry, i dont have picture of the food after it was cooked because everyone are busy enjoying food and beer. hehehe..am satisfied with my lamb .. i think i need to do detox after dis....too much calories and fat and cholestrol
so, we celebrated 1st raya on our own....I just miss my mum because she also loves BBQ

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