I've been looking forward to have steamboat. And today, Dad, my bro Alvin and fiancee went to Kg Nelayan for it. woooww....Thanx to them to company me for steamboat =)
Today just a boring and simple day..o yaa, i already booked for bridal. i book simple studio shoot with limited gown. Actually, i dunt even need the studio photoshoot, pre-wedding shoot is just enough for us. And i know benny will do the best.....i just need bridal for gown renting, and studio photoshoot is a bonus for us.
The BIG day already been decided, but am not going to annouce it here since it is not fixed yet. i will announce to the world when church is booked.
List already done:
1. Photo shoot (pre wedding, studio and wedding day)
2. videographer
3. wedding gown on wedding day & reception
4. bridesmaid ( i have my cousin mimi)

List on due:
1. Church and priest ( soon)
2. wedding course( early year of nest year)
4. Place of reception ( still thinking KDCA or Tun Fuad)
5.Catering (still hunting for the best catering)
6. Cake for cutting cake caremony ( i need home made cake)
7. cake for guest (how i wish i have my own time to bake my own fruit cake maybe 350 pieces?)
8. Guest listing ( this will done by my aunts, dad)

continously list:
MY DIET PROGRAM (mcm mau diet oo, baru tadi hantam makan sana kg nelayan. LOL)

cant think anymore...anymore goes on the list???help me what else i have to put in the list...


Joan said...

i salute you girl..there are not many peope who can really arrange their own wedding tau..and you are one yang berkebolehan.

Vienne said...

to have a good wedding better do it urself kan..hehehe..even the wedding lama lagi, but from now kena buat one by one

FredDass said...

Wow fabulous!!!

Another matricbatch are gonna get married in near future.. Congrats!!

^JRN said...

wow.. siok oo kamu mau kawin suda.. mcm siok ja prepare2 kan.. tapi pnt tu kan.. haha

chegu carol said...

ya...it is actually very fun planning for your own wedding. but be aware of the energy drainage it will caused to you, be it physically or emotionally.

kalau cigu...ok bah plan sendiri pnya wedding. kira mcm ada jg ample time compare to those yg working 9-5. just make sure u have a trusted second wedding planner to coordinate the whole wedding at least two days before the big day. Takkan ko juga yg berlari2 mo organize ko punya wedding on that day kan. Thats what happened to me. Sa lupa cari urg utk cover my kerja on the bid day itself...nah, sometimes during the big day...ada jg masam muka sia sebab some things tidak kena buat or was being forgotten... :(

chegu carol said...

u know what...if you like, i can send u an attachment of the wedding to-do-list, my version...if u want lah

Vienne said...

chegu carol.. i want...it is like exploding now..baru mau book church pun susah...since i m here in tambunan and i want church in penampang/kk area

chegu carol said...

bah...sia email ko nanti next week cos im in penampang ody now. those stuff sa saved in cd and keep at home keningau :)