Tomorrow is HOLIDAY

OO yeahh, tomorrow is Holiday again...
Happy Deepavali
to those celebrate Deepavali..

i never been to any open house for this celebration since i dunt have Indian Friend..so i really dont have any idea how is the celebration are...
We got BBQ again at house..i Love bbq so much..both of my younger brother at home already..and like it when there are around. at least my dad will have company..
Today just stay home and doing nothing...Im alone in da house with the doggies...Fiancee went out with the geng, bro went to yamcha with his gf and melvin, the yougest one was sleep ody and so my dad...i am left alone and do nothing..
No good TV
no best movie
No new novel
no nothing
Im off to ZzzZZz now....
happy Holiday all!!!!

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