Headache pls go away

week was a disaster when i got strike by dis headache/migrain. it is so pain which sometime i cant stand it. i cant do anything, cant go everywhere....only stay at home all day long doing nothing. i know i shud do cleaning, or my works for coming year which i have to pass up next week to my KJ. i want to try making my own fondant with a fake cake..but i just couldnt do it because of this bloody migrain.......
all i have done is, uploading old memories of my classmates in my facebook...oo ya, i can see my linking friends in my friendster oredi...and i can login to my YM ody..hahahaha....when everything goes right, im the one gone wrong...hahaha


chegu carol said...

hepi holiday vienne
hope the headache go away fast :)

cicak said...

cikgu V, need some pills, its ok. ada juga tu pills for migrain. pas dia ok skit, cuba jan pikir berat2 and enjoy the holiday.


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

mm try this.. cuba everytime ko kena migrain ko kaC cover ur head pakai handkerchief.. lagi tebal, lagi bagus.. it'L go away soon without taking any pills.. pills okay jua ba tapi better reduce the amount of drugs usage kan..

ni tips sa dapat dr my dad, and it works.. ^_^ hehe.. sa pun migraine tapi selalu sa cover my head, tus ilang nih..