Tara:Malaysian Team didnt win

The Amazing Race was finished last nite. And i am so happy that the couple didnt win....(sorry to those support them)i just hate them because among the contestants there r the cruel one...wohohoho...sam n vince worth it, since they makes a good team afterall. Ida and Tania laugh and happy till the end, even tho thay onky manage to get 3rd place, but they still smile and happy that the race was finished. but not the other one, can see how confident they are and how down they are when they just got 2nd place. That's what u call, if u take one competition too seriously, then if u are in 2nd place it will bring a big lost to u..but if u make it happy then it will end with happy no matter what place u r..hehehe...
O ya, it is been awhile i didnt put any pictures...maybe later..
thanx to cicak, chegu carol and annie for the tips of get rid from migraine. im Ok now...maybe when the pay day is, i can think of any holiday around sabah, or just kk maybe..it is not bad anyway, since i still havent go to many good place around here..hahaha..thinking of island, but with weather nowadays..maybe not..got any suggestion?? maybe one peaceful place for 3 days 2 nite??


chegu carol said...

ya, glad that the Phi couple didnt win. sayang bah dorang si ida and tania...kalau durang tida salah pilih flight tu, kali ada harapan jg. but oh well, thats what race is...sepa2 pun buli menang.

there is this one place bah...a homestay atas bukit. but unfortunately, sia lupa nama tu tmpat. very peaceful looking, very like home but you get to see the scenic view from up the hill.

cicak said...

Heheee.. I missed a lot of TARA episodes and I decided to quit watching it a long time ago. But it was fun to see the few first episodes.
The only thing I remembered about the race was being 'gerigitan' to that 'queen control' girl from team Thailand.

Ait, Chegu Carol mentioning the homestay atas bukit reminds me of Strawberry Garden Homestay in Kundasang. :)