another day of HOT and Rainy

I just finished watching the season 1 of Heroes series. afterall, i think the story just ok..it a lil bit of slow. since it is still holiday, my brother keep on downloading movies. so i dunt have to get dvd anymore. just ask him to download and tadaa..he will tell me the download is finish.
any soon, our house will start renovation, i mean at front only la. my uncle will help us to do the renovation. so i think i'll be busy preparing them food and drink. well, that 's what daughter do right?
Christmas is around the corner.. about 20 days or more..i still dunt know what to wear.. and hey, i found this one top online..so i guess i will not going out to do christmas shopping because i have found one;as in i hate to move around especially when going out to KK area. traffic jam, people and busy are around us. i just hate to join the hetic.. am not anti social or watever u call it..i rather stay at home, reading book and watching download movie than going out ..i just hate when trappen in traffic. u know im staying at the center where the busy are. Penampang or donggongon is hardly get parking nowadays...Putatan (where there are Giant and Servay), is always jamn, and very hard to get out from it. i just hate when i just draw $$ from atm machine and when i reach home, my wallet still empty..hope u know wut i mean...
O ya, i am just happy when the oil price is decreasing (again).BUT that is mean, there will be more car on road everyday. I just hope everyone know using internet, and they will do online shopping too.. just like me..oooo im thinking of buying an air-cond for the room here in Penampang home, since it is so hot here, which sometime i hardly sleep. even if i wear almost none...
Ok im off to sleep..because i supposed get enough sleep, which i must get up as early as 7 am to have bfast. i must taking care of my diet this holiday.. and hey, i lose 3 kg dis holiday... and i am happy....thanx to the detox programme...!!

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