Movie Marathon

Today was one boring day for me. brother and me planning to go here and there but rain ruins it. But it is Ok when fiancee said OK when i ask him to go for movie. so after i prepare the dinner, i prepare to go out and we heading to Karamunsing to have our dinner since fiancee want to eat teppanyaki at Usagi. I just go for train sushi.
After we finish, the we heading to CP and buy ticket for 2 movies...so we watch Twillight and Wild Girl. Ok, this 2 movies, both comes wit their speciallity. I like the love stories in Twillight which it is different from other love stories. two love birds from different world...dun't miss it, the story is a bit slow but u will find the satisfaction while watching it.

While the Wild Girl pulak, the story is something like happy and comedy....i just like the way it is...hard to describe...so both movie, are so encourage..


cicak said...

I dunno oh Vienne. But that Twilight mcm 'gantung' saja story dia. It is nice to watch it via silver screen though.

Vienne said...

yupp....sampai rumah then i realise, jadi ka x tu pompuan vampire? but then i just love a few scenes...it is like, i love beautiful scenery and the story is different from other vampire story...it is more like vampire in a modern life