Ho ho ho ho~~~~~ Merry Christmas

It's Christmas eve...
i am tired..
I didnt perm my hair =(
I do alot of shopping groceries
i spent a lot and a lot
its for open house tomorrow..
Cant wait for it..
Meeting family and friends again
I baked 3 cakes which is Cheese cake, blackforest cake and fruit cake...
the deco?
i have very simple one because
i forgot to buy the Christmas ornament for cake deco
i must go sleep now if not i will wake up late to catch up the pork and chicken at Lido tomorrow morning...

Have a blessed Christmas to all the bloggers..
*May God's LOVE walks before u,
Problems stay away from u,
True Friend stand beside u,
Love Surround U*
*Got this Sms from my dear friend Edna*

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InobonG ProPer said...

Merry Christmas to you Vien!!