As always, i Love weekend. Why? i am just like u all too...saturday, i am doing the cleaning all day at home. then afternoon, i fetch my BFF shirely and bring her home. at nite we were going to christmas carol (Which i thought that saturday is 7th of dec, budu nya me dis)but i was nothing at gaya, so sad... so, we heading to 1borneo...( for real, i my second visit there). We were fascinated with the christmas deco and lucky i have bring my camera...there are christmas tree everywhere, snowflakes, colourful light, deers, stars etc...Then after we done with photo shoot of our own pictures then we heading to apple cafe to have supper, while i only have glass of apple juice...

1Borneo christmas deco at center

Shirely in front of ball...
yooo,photographer take her action too!!

Fake snowflakes are everywhere

after supper, we went to fiancee's friend karaoke's at My Way, Donggongon. when we arrive, the place is almost empty buy as it comes to midnight the place also getting more visitor. we went home about 2am.
On sunday, fiancee, shirely and me, heading to Sabah Trade Centre at Likas for fc Fair. so fiencee and me bought 320gb external disk, 3 pcs 4gb pen drive (one as a gift and 2 for fiancee himself), 1 pcs 8gb (for me) and accessories for pc.
so, weekend is just nice for me and the $$$ flowing like a water..huhuhu..how i wish i become a millionaire !!


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

hello vienne~! sa belum lagi visit2 1borneo o0o0o.. best jua deco d sana aa.. ^_^ ko suda start decorate ur house for xmas? hehe..

Vienne said...

hehehe, kami berkabung mungkin nie, tahun nie x buat deco mungkin ni....family gathering saja ni

InobonG ProPer said...

Wah! cantik tu christmas deco at 1Borneo...mesti mo pigi ni melawat..sambil2 ambil gambar..

thanks for sharing kio..