Friday Again...

Christmas is around!!!
It is 1st Friday of December..Im Kind of busy today..i'm kind of bored..i know i suppose do the cleaning as the preparation of christmas..actually we dont feel the christmas spirit. Maybe this is the first christmas without late mum? I just miss her around. everytime december come, she is the one asking the brothers to decorate xmas tree. Me, im the busiest one preparing the fruit cake one month before xmas, looking everywhere for brandi to marinate the mix fruit..and discuss about the menu for xmas gathering?
But this year's christmas?? i feel empty.. i just dunno what to cook..it doesnt mean i dunno how to cook, but then, i just dunno what to cook..i feel like finding mummy and ask her what is the good menu...
There r still xmas gathering here.. we have liqours, beer and maybe wine...i just have no idea what to cook.. i just dunt like those fried chicken wing or sosej in sauce (meybe we will have it?)in my thought right now?
1. Roasted chicken with my own gravy
2. Black Kismis chicken
3. Tauhu sumbat (dunno what is call in english)
4.mix vege
5. chu kiok
6. i dunnooo....
any suggestion?i need one...

i will serve
1. blueberry cheesecake
2. cupcakes
3. fruit cake(maybe)

we will aramai tii with..
1. Chivas
2. Label 5
3. Martini (for the ladies)
4. Bacardi (also for the ladies)
5. Harimau...ngaummmmm
6. Wine (still wondering, harap2 ada urang mau sponsor)
and maybe my special bandung (my own recipe) for desert... there will be open house, but i think everyone has their own at home isnt?oo yaa, FYI, this christmas, 100% will be my cook..HOHOHO..

waahhh..too many plak ni...


Mrs. Ezman said...

Mery Xmas.. ho ho ho... thanks for visiting friend. eh, u're also graduated from ums ka? hehe..ya bah teacher also..and u are too kan? :) anw, nice to knw u here

Kris and Nadia said...

yay... bestnya ko pandai masak.. nda apa masak ja smua, yg penting variety :) happy advent to you :)