It is first Sunday of 2009. mean, 1 year completed my life as a teacher. This year will be very tough for me as i am teaching PMR and SPM students. I hope i manage to teach them...The thing is i am teaching the not so good (i cant find the correct word) class for science form 3... They dunt understand English and cant even write in English... well, common English is hard for them so, how about the science term? another challenge for me i guess!I dunt think i have problem with my form 5 student as they are good and bright student except for few of them which hardly understand about chemistry. I dunt blame them as i like Chemistry only when i am in matriculation. so, i just hope of getting 100% pass for Chemistry and at least 1 of my student get A1 for my subject.
SO, 2009 will create a new memories, new ME, the transformation of me...
In my Diet? im still stick with it...my current weight, same as last week.....

This picture just to make everyone smile. They are cute aren't they?
and i am now use with adobe photoshop even im not too good with it, at least i know the basic.
O yaa..i have a friend want me to be her photographer during her engagement? am i good??? i dunt know!
o ya, i've taken this shot (below) at fiancee's relative wedding reception.
Aas during make over my Ac


chegu carol said...

hi vienne!

the idea of the picture is good but i think lah kan, the subject in this picture isn't really sharp. Bah, ko pakai tu photoshop kasi sharpen that part. :)

engagement photog? wow! thats good way to brush up your skill you know.

and oh hepi teaching!

InobonG ProPer said...

Good luck with the teaching ;)

which school do u teach?

Vienne said...

Chegu: thanx for the comment. I know the subject didnt sharp. because i still need help with this Photoshop... =(

Inobong proper: thanx. btw, im teaching here in SMK Nambayan Tambunan

Gallivanter said...

The pups are dang cute!! :-)

Kris and Nadia said...

uiks.. okay la tu di SMK Nambayan.. sejuk2 lg tu.. kwn sya mengajar di SMK Tambunan .. besar jg ooo... Nambayan pun quite good jg kan :-) gambate cigu

Vienne said...

Kris n Nadia: hey, my fiancee is at Smk Tambunan too..who is ur friend???

chegu carol said...

SMK Nambayan? Urmm...you guys have new PK kan? From Penampang also...my cousin in-law that :)