New Year

not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year rite??
i've been busy doing stuff and running here and there (never stay at home).
Now i am in Tambunan Home meaning to say, work work work...
Enough of holiday and start ur engine Vie...!!
So, i guess everyone has wonderful and great new year countdown celebration.
As for me i celebrate the countdown to new year with family of course...
It is another year and im so grateful that im still in good and healthy and happy as well..
There are many things happen to me 2008 that i will not forget for the rest of my life...really..2008 is a tough but still wonderful to me...
so i will conclude:
Good Things in 2008
1. I got my first posting as a teacher at Tambunan which i met a bunch of crazy and nice teacher and adorable students
2. I bought my first car, astro, refrigerator, dslr and etc.
3. I am engaged to a lovely and wonderful guy.
4. I have many friends who married.
5. i lost weight but gain it agai
n and manage to lose it again.
The list is goes on....

Bad Things in 2008:
I lost my wonderful mummy in the world. =(

My 2009 Resolution:
1. Lose and lose weight again.
2. Be a great teacher
3. Be a great sister and daughter
4. more kind in heart
5. generous???
6. Be Pretty and cute all the time

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♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

wah ramai kita2 ni yang ingin lose some weight kan vienne as our resolution.. harap2 betul laa tekurus ni, ohoho..

vienne, you are pretty + cute bah, don't worry ^_^