Final day of hibernating

Hohoho..i will going to school again tomorrow.. feel guilty because i have been relieved from this red-eye since yesterday eventho i still feel bit itchy sometimes...and today, it is totally healed...just stay at home and do nothing..oo yaa...ada pulak..since i have nothing to do, i do one-day-detoxification. And i feel nice,since i am avoiding too much light (alasan saja ba tu)...i cant wait to go school tomorrow...hehehe...(STILL FEELING GUILTY)..
what i do for 2 days of MC..
just like i said, i do detox yesterday. apart of that, FB-ing all day, chat, watching DVD and finish my the Dreamworld of Shopaholic( i have all the book already but the first book is the last i read...because last time it wasn't on shelf)..
and today..i finished another malay novel (800pages) from Norhayati Berahim (one of my favourite malay author)..
waaaa...too finish 1 book in a week is a bit hard for me if it was not holiday but i manage to to finish 2 books in 2 days..hebat...and i still have 3 books to finish before the payday..
usually when i got my pay, after settle all the debt, i will go to bookstore to buy book for myself or for my dad...well, my collection now is increasing...the different between now and before working is last time i only bought book from alaf21 because it cheaper and can buy 2 book for price of 1 english book. But now, i dont care anymore..

Well, i do like shopping just like other girls but, not anymore..because what i realise, rm200 in not enough to buy a pair of clothes+underwear whereas last time i can buy 2 tops+1 jeans+underwear+accessories...(punya la teruk sa ni..)..
and last time when fiancee and me going out together, we never eat more than rm40...huhuh...now..it never enough...
this year i must budget...wish can go vacation every year...huhuhu..
okay enough..feel like to write more and more...but then before u all get bored i better stop..done.
of to shower


sHeiLa said...

someone saying..

"the more u earn, the more u spend..that's y it's not enough"

same case here clare. it's like i overspent every month.ntah, apa2 jak i bought..eventho' i made the list, but still not enough..

how det ah?

Mrs. Ezman said...

Vienne...! ya betul tu tau.. 200 mana cukup mau belanja tu. sedangkan 50 pun, blm sure dpt beli baju or new heels ni! haizzz... sa pun mau save from skrg and budget my salary. kalau x, sure blm sampi akhir bulan...habis da duit... huhu...

ps:thanks for visiting me! :) btw, what kind of detox do you do?

InobonG ProPer said...

Reading is one of my hobbies too. I've got two cabinets packed with books hahaha

Tapi sekarang...mo kurang2 sudah membaca...everytime when i tried to read...pening kepala saya...it could be my eyes lah..sob sob sob