Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan

kumaa doid sovia-avi do monunuat do Blog om id kouvang ku do KADUS..
mamason zou do
mooi do avasi om osunndu do kakalajaan do sogigisom
Nung moginum kou, ingaton no..kadaa moginum om papanau kulita..
dadi, nung moginum kou, kadaa no papanau kulita...mositi moginum doid tadau diti =) Aramai tii....

hehe..sorry, some of u guys maybe not understand..it is Kadazan Penampang. I can speak kadazan not so fluent but good enough that people can understand. I dunt know Dusun because i didnt learn it from the beginning, but i try to learn it ...Aramai tii
Btw, it been ages i did not going to KDCA to join the kaamatan festival. why? because i dont think it is worth going there. with a packed of people which u hardly move around, hot and sweat all over, dirty and etc. Maybe i will going if i get the chance of going inside, but for many years, i try but never did i manage to enter =(
But usually we will have aramai tii at home..family and friend ..
what we do? today we will have barbeque..celebrating my brother just graduated.

i wish to all the blogger and my KADUS friends Happy Harvest Festival..
May all the good blessing will be with u all forever
dont drink and drive, and if u want to drink dunt drive, but today is a day u must join the caremony so drink and dont drive..hehehe


Anonymous said...

aramai ti....kotobian tadau tagayo do kokotuan...

chel said...

bulih tahan jgk ko kadazan..gud!