This weekend will be a day that i always longed for (for previous years)..
But not this year..
i always love Mother's Day because it'll the day that i will do anything to keep mum happy..
but not this year
I dunt care my pocket empty or not, i will buy her cake
But not this year..
Ok now i feel like to cry...
for the day, we will visit her grave to send her roses
Last year, for the first time i bought cake for her during mother's day with my own money..and we cut the cake just three of us (mum, my aunt and me)
And every year i am hoping more for her..
we even plan doing so many things before she's Gone
and she gone 2 weeks right after my engagement....
BIG LOST for me..
I miss u mum
I will always pray for u
this picture is taken 2008. a few weeks before the engagement day.
I just miss her.
Btw, to those who still have ur mum and parent, dunt ever leave them behind because we will never know when is our time come.
during her late days, we have good time sharing and chatting and planning (my wedding) everything. I am just happy that i manage to fulfill myself as the daughter.
I have no regrets because i know i always beside her...


Gallivanter said...

May she rest in peace. I know how it feels because I loss my dad when I was 9.

That's why it's IMPORTANT to spend lots of quality time with your loved ones, especially family.

IsaiahEzra said...

Yeah, it's true...
I lost my mum 15 years ago frankly speaking, time will never delete the memories we had. I know how does it feel..

i used to hate mother's day but when I learnt to let go, I'm thankful dat I get the chance to be with her, love her, appreciate her and most of all feel wat is like to have a mum.

GOD bless all the mums either they are still alive or no longer in this world.

cicak said...

I cannot imagine life without my mum.

God your post is really touching. Thanks for sharing.