Today I am bit Free

Yess, i only got 2 period of science class form 3 today and free for the whole day..
and, i dont have relief (kuang Kuang Kuang)
But i still have exam paper to be finished by this week
And some other matter
Next week will be very busy for our school
we organize for the choral speaking Tambunan District, and as usual my Job is photographer..
then at the same day (tuesday afternoon) i will be at TVRC for registration for Music Camp State Level..
I know i will busy..
i will going to bridal this Friday to choose gown for shooting
to teacher out there...share2 la soalan yang korang suda buat..

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Kris and Nadia said...

uiyo best nya.. but skit kelas masi byk keja kan..huhu.. mcm sya bsuk free, 2 masa ja mengajar, but gerenti byk keja tu.. rph lg.. huhu.. bgung..