what a week...

i drop another kg last month...(what, 1 kg only??) nvm la, as long as the number is decreased, not increased...that is because i have joy with food(JOY???) what i meant is i was eating whatever i like but still in moderate or control portion. I am happy..
i can eat but of course i control everything..
i am not the calorie calculator and i didnt count the calories
but i eat lots of fruit and fibre and cut carb but more protein..
i still eat McD but once a while only..
i try to avoid bun, but i still cant resist..but i only eat a piece
OK la nvm...as long as i am still on track and control it
i am food lover and i always love food...
who cant resist food when food is around??
who cant resist food when the smell of food is in the air????
who cant resist food when u see someone eating ur (used) favourite food???
i cantttttttttttttt...........so what i do is, eat but moderate...just to ease the crave...


Anonymous said...

hi..sy blog hoping trus sy tersinggah di blog ko.heheehe..
setuju tu.. sy ni pun tengah blajar control makan..sebab sy ni easily gain weight.. and if i don't cut down my food intake and do not regularly do work out,mesti sya naik banyak extra kg.. susah hati. by the way sy teringin mo baca your other blog..can? hehehe.. my email, fixnwin@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

congrates on ur decrease weight..u should go jogging or gym..lagi cepat turun berat tue..anyway, good luck k...u will look gorgeous on ur big day...god bless :)

Vienne said...

hi mummy zuan...actually yang other blog tu xda apa2
coz semua tu list down sa makan apa jak..kira mcm journal makanan jak..hehehe

Anonymous said...

sedap tue...hehehehe