almost end..

final week of holiday...
owhh, i dunt want this holiday end.
i find that this holiday was tiring but enjoy and a lil bit stress..
because i am done about 50% of my preparation during this holiday..
and other than that i have very enjoyable pre wedding shoot
I know some of the fellow teacher will go holiday...
woooww..wish i can join them too..
but i will save it till december
and i find that this month is a season of wedding..there are lots of wedding to attend
how's urs?? ready to go back to school?


Mummy Zuan said...

saya selalu envy orang yang berkarier..bestnya got something to do other than duduk rumah...yalah..sy x blame myself for not working(i used to)just masih cuba menyesuaikan diri ni jadi surirumah...jaga anak..hehehe...so..welcome back to work la cigu...(er...you are a teacher right?)

Vienne said...

MZ: yess..m.zuan..i am a teacher. hehehe....u can find something to do at home but still can make money... better, do something u like and make it as income...