today is saturday

huhuhu....6th day of holiday
well, today is a day which i to eat a lot...why, because there r many wedding to attend.
Since our family got many invitation so we all decide to go separately...dad go there, bro go here and i together with fiancee go there...
so, bagi2 lar
i still have so many in my mind..
where to get cheap beer?
where to buy paper?
where to print?
Where to get band?
prepare the wedding room..koooohhhh
banyaknya mo buat
calling all the family member..
what else i wnat to prepare...
so many in my mind..
and it is like 2 month


C.Alv.B said...

Dont worry..all things will settle on time tu..hehehhee..ya la banyak mau prepare kan..

IsaiahEzra said...

heheheeeeeeeeeee...beer order dari menumbok ja..

ada juga supplier yg beli dari menumbuk..
just let me know if u really want to contact dat person..heheheee

don't worry everything will b ok