Weekend Project

well, this weekend was a tiring weekend. As u all know, last week was my mum's 1 year anniversary.. we supposed to have prayer that weekend, but i hold it because my 1st younger brother is coming back from terengganu. So, we have prayer at home this week..so i incharge for everything...that makes me real tired..
and today was Father's day, i didn't cook but my aunt sponsored BBQ.
I baked 2 cakes today which I have to getting up early in the morning(since i sleep late last nite)..one for the dads at home and the other one is ordered from fiancee's colleague...
cake for dad at home sharing with the uncles and cousin
I know the cake look simple..but i like it.
I need to buy tools...well, it is hard for me to get it online since i hardly get the time for browsing....
any suggestion?
OO yaaa..i make the fondant on my own...i just use my hand not the mixer
why the colour was like that..because i think blue and yellow just perfect and nice for boys..hehehe..i like the blue and yellow combination.


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

wow.. nice cakes.. if only i can bake cakes like this~

;) hehe..

Anonymous said...

yala..sayang saya tak tau buat..bukan x tau..malas..hehehehehe