Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen

Okay...i really cant wait to watch this movie..
i am sure that the ticket especially at evening already sold out..
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...everyone seems already watch it..
i only can watch it after everyone does.
how i wish i dont have to go back to school and just go back to Penampang and heading to 1B for movie.....
but i cant..
i have load load of work to finish
the nazir will stay at Tambunan..PPSMI teacher is the target...
and i am one of them...
i have a lot of cake order..i am happy for that..but my stock is almost empty...
buying those ingredient is killing me and i dunt get any ...
But i am still happy and i receive good comment so far..
i also got bad comment from different person

good comment:
1) my cake is just nice not too sweet or tasteless
2) i want to order!!!(that was very obvious)

1) too hard not spongy ( butter cake is spongy ka??? if u wnat spongy cake, then go for sponge cake)
2) the topping is sweet(then go for plain buttercream )

well different person has different taste, so i just try to bake base on everyone Fav..
soon i'll give try other type of cake..

1 comment:

Kris and Nadia said...

yeay.. tgk la.. siok oo :)

ur cake ada yg for sale ka? ble minta tempah ka? :) hihi..