OK..im so mad ...so mad
I still have so many things in mind..
and i try to ask permission to not coming to the LDP and meeting tomorrow..and principal pursue me to come, at least quarter of the day..bikin panas...
Now i am in Penampang home, and i will be at Tambunan tomorrow morning before 8..
i just need my weekend to prepare for everything..just my weekend..
why they cant understand me??
i see one teacher( i know la she is berpangkat)
lamaaaaaaa suda x datang pigi skul kunun2 mo prepare wedding..
sampai x pigi skul???? i never ask for 1 week leave...or 3 days leave.
i never leave my class without excuse..But today..
i dunt care...cara mogok..but at last i regret..not the students' fault...
I suppose go to 1B to collect the invitation card..
I just want to prepare 1 more meeting with the family this Sunday..
I want to do so many things..
cleaning the house and look for things...
Kemarahan tahap dewa


IsaiahEzra said...

sabar vienne... just a test tu.. mimang kin panas tapi sabar ja la.. think hard & open urself apa la positive dia.

manatau sa tjumpa ko bsuk time on the way blik kgau from ranau. lol ;p

sHeiLa said...

take a deep breath clare..hopes everything will be OK

chegu carol said...

oh dear...sometimes i wonder why people cant just put themselves in other people's shoe...mcm lah tidak pernah kahwin kan (unless of cos it's the other way round la)...

hope things will be settled as planned.
happy weekend nonetheless vienne.

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

hi vienne.. pamacam ur weekends? dpt pigi ambil kad ody?

Kris and Nadia said...

Sabar2.. mimang patut jg ko marah ba.. hihi.. ujung mgu ja kita dpt urus2 pun dorg nda la ble bagi kita senang sikit..bikin tensen juga kan.. huhu.. ba all the best.. :)