Wedding Preparation update

well, it's been a while I didnt post from my last post.
i want update last weekend but internet was interrupted because my father did not pay the bill..huhuhu...forgetful dad...always delay the bill, same goes with astro bill...
I have another gown fitting last Friday. And i cant just not to love this gown.

(just ignore the double chin and the lemaks2 ok)
i just wanna highlight this gown. i think match with my wedding theme and suitable for cake cutting caremony..ahax...(already have the wedding gown)
basically, everything was confirm including the bridesmaid gown.
The album was already send to be print.
Ok, done so far about the wedding.
the date is near..
but i think there r a lots of work at school and suddenly the management wants meeting and LDP on saturday..WTH?
All this while they all just ignore and why when the date is nearer suddenly they want the Saturday whatever meeting they was up to?buduu ooo..
and i still have a lots of things to do..
i never ask for leave during school days, i always on time be in class, i never ponteng kerja, i never take MC (except i got red eyes laaaaasst time) and i always do my job on time...but i just want excuse for the August month..but seem everyone did not understand me=(
OK, forget about that..
last Saturday i won 4D...haha second prize hehe...but then, money was finish blanja family makan..then won again on next day (Sunday)..haha but consolation RM60 onnly..lucky...won the same number..haha..that's really made my weekend


sHeiLa said...

lawa la ur wedding dress..but u look better in the wedding dress yg u wore for ur photoshoot :) but still, this one is gorgeous! love the combination white and gold..

anyway, cuba share skit camana ko bleh kena 4D ni

Vienne said...

ermm, jgn tgk yang ini...nanti wedding day baru tgk..hehe, sudah la angle cam x cantik..haha..
btw, kana numbur aa?
sa hentam2 saja ba tu...sebab kreta baru kami kluar kan, jadi bli la tu number..skali..kana pulak..hehe

nc said...

hi,, :) looking good ..

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

cantik niina baju yang ko try.. ;)

untung jua ko menang 4d balik2 ni.. sa beli2 jua tapi jarang-jaarang kena..

Alvira said...

clare..jan dulu u show ur wedding gown to others..not good ohh..ndak surprise..hehehe..anyway, ya share2bah how u won 4D nie..sia ndak pernah menang ohh...

Vienne said...

annie:ya.. lawa kan..
Vira: nope..this is not the wedding gown..hehehe...wedding gown sa customize sendiri...surprise tu..mana2 bridal teda

Kris and Nadia said...

wawa.. bestnya :) btuah btul oo ko kan.. ba nanti ko post numbur apa ko mau beli trus kami pun beli.. hihi.. :)

ya oo cantik ba ini baju.. rambut amcm la style?? :) nda sabar oo mau tgk

Bridal Shower Cake said...

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