What a busy, tiring and nice weekdays

its been so long i feel i didnt do any update.
Well i am off to go back to Penampang later. Waiting for fiancee from a meeting at his school.
I have a good weekday this week, and i hope i have good one during dis weekend also.
Last Tuesday, our school was organizing the Drama Competition Tambunan District Level.
the judges was from Teacher out of Tambunan.
SO, with the effort and cooperation of all teachers, the event was well organize and our school team won and we got all the titles except for best actor/actress.

The Chief Gombunan

The Witches
Lindai: The Legend
The Engagement of the Legend and Gombunan

The Legend Family

P/s: Upcoming update is the Teacher's Day Semenam Level 2009


sHeiLa said...

credit to the teachers behind the scene.anyway, bikin takut tinguk the witches.nampak mcm real.and the Lindai looks so sweet :)

congrats once again

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Vienne, I have always enjoyed reading, seeing pics of the peoples of Sarawak.
Love the colorful custumns too...and you're a good photographer, well taken pics.
You have a pleasant weekend, best regards, Lee.

Vienne said...

Sheila: thanx..hehhe..sa jadi photographer jak...credit to all teachers involved directly and indirectly, im too happy for them

Uncle Lee: it was not people of Sarawak tho, but it is Sabahan people..