I am happy for her

remember i post about went to decorating cake class conducted by Min?
well, reading through her blog i am happy that she was in Magazine...
well, she was a degree holder and quitting her job to do what she was into..
I love baking tooo
How i wish i can concentrate into baking..
but i have aim in my life too..
i am happy i can bake cake even the deco not pretty and look messy still
Thanx God that i get more and more order ..
and how i wish i can take order from everyone..
but i manage to bake 3 at once or the cake will look tired just like me..hahaha
well, i am not the full time baker, i still have my own career and i dunt have maid to help(especially the cleaning part)..
Last Tuesday i manage to bake about 5kg ++ for fiancee's Teacher's day celebration...
so here is the cake..
Picture taken by Fiancee and he said he only manage to snap one only..sob sob...i am so regret not doing it myself
This is only one piece of 3 pieces i baked that day..about 2++ kg
it is butter cake with icing buttercream frosting..

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KaDusMama said...

cantiknya cake!! :)