Monday Post

I am happy..
weekend just normal, but i think occupied with makan2..hehe..
Hubby and me just hanging around at home and went out makan.
And we also taking the whole weekend to pay all the delay payment..hua hua..
and, after a visit to Popular bookstore..i found this..

which i want to buy since it was released but i just cant find a time to go for it.
BTW, i am looking another of her 2 book, released months ago...

This picture, i have something to show..the dress..(picture has been uploaded in my facebook)..this is custom wedding dress. this is the only picture shows the whole design of the drss. the wedding gown design i found on the internet, and i add some bling2, not me actually but the tailor.
So the tailor base in Inanam. I called him Mamiman and he also known Man's Collection. Basically he do for malay wedding gown but he can do whatever design u ask for...and that's the result...what u think?


ღ NinieJane ღ said...

Nice wedding Dress! how much the cost for it? niceee :)

chegu carol said...

Way to go Twenties Girl! :D
I couldnt wait till it hit KK shores, sa pigi beli dr kwn sia di KL. And now, another book on her Shoapholic series is coming up. Cant wait to see Becky Bloomwood in action again!

Her previous book before Twenties Girl was released last year actually.

Btw, which of her books lagi ko belum ada?

chegu carol said...

wow! tailor-made wedding gown.
that's very nice la.i know one lady in donggongon who does wedding gown as well. dia tinggal sana belakang tu rawk saja. cantik juga dia pnya workmanship owh. and cheap some more compared to regular retail price.

Vienne said...

Ninie: ermm..believe it or not..it cost less than rm500...

Chegu: now i'm looking for Can u Keep Secret and Remember me..menyesal x beli masa nampak tu buku last time..now, sold out ody..huhu...