Just another NORMAL day

3 ++ weeks to go..hehe.. i cant wait for holiday..i mean school holiday...we havent plan anything yet except for vacations..i hope i can go to anywhere..maybe 2 places? hehe..one is confirmed...
and now i'm thinking about___ Penang?...i never been to Penang..yeshh, blame me for that...i know i'm lame ..hehe..i want to try the Penang's food...i hope i can go there..can ka? Why not rite?
is it enough for 2 nite?? hehehe..
actually i still have piles of work to finish here but now, i'm thinking about Vacation? gilar la...ini baru la...by the way...Happy working everyone...just dont stress yourself! Work is work and work never finish..enjoy your life while u still can..


C.Alv.B said...

Wish your dream come true.. and yes Penang is a soul food for Malaysian.. hehee

Joan said...

pigi penang..sa setuju...i am goin there end of nov too..hehehe

sHeiLa said...

i fully recommend u PENANG :P

food heaven yeah it is!