Late Halloween post

Saturday was awesome! Having great day with friends and fellow bloggers (even i barely know them)
On saturday morning Hubby and me went to Kg Pogunon for our friend's engagement day since She asked us to photographed the event. we are so pleased...

They are engaged Cinthia and Alvin @kaduk

After that, we heading home then get rest and prepare for the SBG gathering.It was my first gathering and first costume party. Everyone comes with the superb costume ( i really have no idea where they get those costume).And i just dont believe they put so much effort on their makeup. Maybe the Gathering is just OK but i get to know few people. Yes few only rather than none rite? i like the perfomance so much... and hey, i won the lucky draw of skin(eye) tightening from Dermsense worth RM800. wink*wink* happy!~~

well, i think i am suit with happy witch since i was the one who always come with smile
Yess, that was me..all the time with smile...hehehe

Cake cutting caremony..i like the cake

Teachers in action...
Dazeree, Joan, Vienne, Fenelly ad Sheila

I love Joan's emotion..

and I just cant help myself from not smiling because i just love to smile..

(All picture by Joseh's 50D Canon collection)


nc said...

:) great pics..im sure it was a greta event

chegu carol said...

you are a happy-go-lucky witch clare!
cant help but notice ko smileeeeeeeee saja...even when u talk, ur voice echoed happy tones. good for you!

Joan said...

siok kannnnnn?? hehehehe..

lucky you got personal photographer to tag along. :)

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

siok o0o.. hehe.. tapa la, next year kami mesti pigi.. ;)

Kris and Nadia said...

ya i bet u all have a wonderful time over there :) ba next year la kita pigi ramai2 ar :)

Vienne said...

Nc:yeahh..that was fun nite
Chegu: ntah..memang sa suka smile..hehehe...
Joan: hehehe..dia bilang kalau xpigang kamera nanti buhsan dia..
Annie & Nadia: bah next year aaa..xpun kita buli buat mini GAthering bah. apa susah.mo cuti sikul suda

fenelly said...

long lost fren kan kita clare... so much fun that nite