2009For me...

Well i believe all of us now counting the New Yearof 2010..
Another year...will plus again the age.
Let see first my RESOLUTION for 2009. We see if i fullfill it..
1. Lose and lose weight again.(yeahhhh, I mnage to lose weight before the wedding and maintain it for some quiet time BUT Gaining it before end of year)
2. Be a great teacher (as always, i guess)
3. Be a great sister and daughter (well, this one u have to ask dad and brothers)
4. more kind in heart(u have to ask my hubby and ppl around me)
5. generous???(i think i m because well i cant tell u where goes the charity i put right>)
6. Be Pretty and cute all the time
( this is absolutely yes) haha...call me perasan, because i am..

Year of 2009 is one good year for me after all because:
1. I get Married on 29 August 2009 and it will change my life forever
2. I really have wonderful, caring, understanding and great Husband
3. I have great family as always eventho i have some jerksssss
4. I get my Perlantikan (not confirmed yet)
5.I went to Sabahan Blogger Gathering for the first time.
6. Even tho i have annoy friends who always stabbed me from behind, but i still know i have more friends that she is..
7, The business are just nice as a part time (hobby become business)
8. Went to vacation with hubby and friend
9. And the list goes on...

by the way, the new resolution will post soon...i have to think about it..