Been busy with so many plan...
now our school busy with the upcoming school sport.
My favourite season...=)
So, now i'm busy with coaching the athlete, and it just started today...only almost one hour under the cloudy weather (no sun but still hot) now i look...

I forgot to apply sunblock. When i reach home, i just realize the sunblock was bought 2008..not dare to use anymore...
so i hope can borrow from collegue tomorrow...
and update about Butut.
*He sleep on Hubby's leg*
Butut getting fat..hehe..he so playful, loves to run and jump around.
He catch bird fly into the house
*Burung yang banyak di luar flat*

and sleep like a baby...

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GeTzzz.... said...

Im gettin a tan for the whole month of January til the mid of feb.. Sports and all:p

-Hope ill get back in my real kuning langsat skin color~i pray~