His Birthday~~

Well, we only have very simple birthday celebration when we kinda saving money for our car's anniversary (u know what i mean right?).
And lucky, hubby only want Pizza Hut for his birthday.
So we a day before his birthday, we went Pizza hut. I feel so grateful that he is not very choosy one...a simple wish and simple dish always OK for him. But of course among all the restaurant he will choose his fav Pizza Hut because he so loves the...

not pizza but the chicken wing..hot and spicy one...but of course we have the regular pizza...
the next day..
yours truly gave his favourite

♥Cheese cake♥
This is non bake cheese cake which is taste like ice cream and the most important thing is, the cake was made with all the love from ...me..=)
i know the cake looks not pretty because he said he want just a simple cake. And my hand not steady to write on cake anymore~.
and lucky that I always have cream cheese in my fridge..
As for his birthday give, let it be just a secret between us **wink**


sHeiLa said...

wahhh..serius si joseh memutung tu ayam..hehehe

neway, how lovely u are clare. I am so adore with ur life now :)

have a nice day to both of u./muahhhhh!

chegu carol said...

wahhhh yabah, itu cake tu yg i think paling 'expensive' cos baked with love.
mau belajar bake cake juga la ni w/pun balik2 sdh sa ckp mo belajar..tp tida ja tebuat :)

happy bday to mr clare hehehe

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Mesti sadap tu cake kan Vienne, dibuat dengan penuh kasih sayang ^_^ Kalau la sa buli buat 1 untuk c Harry~

And owh, happy birthday to Joseh!