Another weekend in Tambunan

It still long way for the next Pay day, so hubby and me decided to not going home to Penampang home to save money....geesss, when going back to Penampang, sure the $$$$ flows like running water.
I know people like us will soon die if we ever stay here but we found things that we can do while here.
So yesterday, hubby, me and 3 of my students went to swimming at Kaingaran River. Its been awhile i did not touch river or swim in it. And i feel really enjoy. And i do enjoy the freshness of air near the river. I found out that Penampang-KK now complaining over the heat there. well, I'm so lucky here that i always feel cold here. Need to wear sock at night and the fan only turn to no 1 or 2.

Other than that, TV, games and photography are other activities we do here. Ooo, we get healthy food and guess what, i can do exercise almost everyday....=)
Well, now I know Tambunan was not that bad. Sorry to say to people Tambunan, when a person like me who use to be raised in the city (or near city) it is such a sick when u go to a place where there is no Cinema, No place to hang out or shopping as well.
But now, i dunt care...as long as i am happy together with hubby, then it it is OK.

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