Weekend~~nothing to do

oo yeshh...weekend here in Penampang again. no mood to hang around.
too Hot and now i wish i'm at Tambunan.
weekdays was awesome. The MSSD Tambunan was great and our school Win again for the 3rd time. As a couch i'm proud with my athletes. Especially those who i train with. most of them get medals and i'm happy for them.
Due to 3 days sport, walking around the sport complex as a official Photographer, i am now has burnt face. Now, i dunt have the guts to jalan2....i'm thinking, going or not to Lembah Impian tomorrow with my face condition.
But ye, i'm sure going...the place just next to my house....hehe


C.Alv.B said...

Then you can attend food bazaar there... Happy weekend

noradzlina.kamdani said...

why u do not apply the sun block b4 u walk out in the sun?