January was ended

i never thought this February comes that fast..
I still feel like it was last week we celebrated christmas and New Year...
Well, nothing much to tell (or picture to show)..
Just wanna tell u guys, i.m getting tan...super tan..hoho..
School sport will be over this week (Friday)..
And we will have 1 week CNY hols...better better go somewhere else dating with hubby kan?
then after CNY, there will be another sport which is School SPort Tambunan District Level (MSSDT) and we are the host..I likey..i always love sports...currently i'm coaching the 'pejalan kaki' for 3000m, 5000m and 10000m...and I like it very much..hua hua hua..and i have my time for Jogging ..and they help me to do my sit-up~~~

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