Sabahan Blogger Gathering

It was held in Lembah Impian just next to place where I stay.
When we (hubby and me) reached there, there already full of the blogger. I think we are the almost last person to come.
So, Daniel and chegu Carol were the first one approaching us..and was introduced to everyone...malu2 kucing at first but after that, hilang suda malu..
Get to know everyone else which most them i read their blog.

All who comes.. Picture courtesy of uncle Greg's FB

I'm happy because i get a chance to ge to know to all.Hubby happy tooo, because he get to know new of the PhotoG ...and the girls, of course we talk about erm....well, u know girls' talk..:)

p/s: i dunt take picture...huhuh, because...one reason..MALAS


Gallivanter said...

Good to have met you and your hubby in person! Hope I didn't scare ya! :-D

maslight said...

Si radzie yang last I think XD anyways, we're not properly introduced. *blames Dan for the speedy introduction. I didn't get your blog url XD but at least I found you via facebook hehe.

Nice to meet you ;)

Earthy Emily said...

Nice kah the Lembah Impian?

chegu carol said...

glad you came clare!

milai, we didnt so much bother about the place...we had great time meeting and getting in touch with each other.

mommieZee said...

i hope i can join the mini blogger someday...