Hello 2nd Trimester~~~

Hey, hello second trimester..
well, nothing much change..except that now I can eat a little bit...the nausea still there..vomiting still there but not as frequent as last time. in past 5 days (since last Saturday), i only throw out everything from my stomach yesterday...the rest of the days...can eat but small..still no appetite..and i hate chicken...especially Rendang ayam, ayam masak kurma and ayam masak kicap...and i love fish~~o yeahhh...
Now i'm applying Bio-oil to my belly. I started to feel that i have big belly...matai la sa mo cari baju ni..since I'm big size type woman..any suggestion?
ooo..Last weekend was a good weekend when i get a chance to meet some of the blogger friends. It was first time met (except to Nadia) for everyone..Happy to see u guys~ And Annie, it was good to see u because we plan to meet since last year but never had the chance..skrg suda jumpa..
Well, as usual, when u meet ur blogger friend u dont feel like stranger...
we were chatting like there is no tomorrow..
some of the common thing we shares are the wedding preparation last year and soon we looking forward for Nadia's.

This picture was taken by hubby at citymall foodcourt~from left MemelJoan, Vienne(me), Annieming, Nadia and NC


Brenda Blasius said...

Skejap saja 2nd trimester sudah kan...hehe..glad to know that you're getting well wth the pregnancy...oh ya, just wanna share wth u, selain bio-oil, tu olive oil pun ok...im about 8mths now and i do scratch my belly sometimes coz gatal btul bah...but still no stretch mark at all... ;)

Cath J said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... preggie rupanyaaa... woww.. congrats to you ya..... ^_^

Take care dear... :)

memeljoan said...

Yes...Hello mum-to-be...congrate on your 2nd trimester...:)

Yeah, org pertama komen post ko...wah, mcm lawa gmbr kita ni tau....ekekek...:)Nnt kita jumpa lagi time wedding c nad kio...:P

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Can't wait to see you guys again!