6th Month

time flies so fast and i didnt even realize that i am now 6th month already..to be frank, i still havent shopping for baby...kesian si baby...actually i'm looking forward the gender of the baby, but baby still malu2 to show...hope the next visit to OB, we will know about it..if not, i have to buy all things in white... I liove it when i feel the baby kicking everyday...i cant wait the arrival...=)
now and then i hope everything will be ok....by blood HB is low since 2 weeks ago..i try the natural ways, eating all the sayuran and hati ayam, bayam but still it low..next week, i have to go and check my blood..i hope everything goes well with this pregnancy...
Last Monday was my first time wearing maternity dress and i feel good in it~~(walaupun hakikatnya nampak bulat)~
my legs (as the JM said) started swollen. and easy tired....mcm mana la mo brabis shopping ni~~


Deana E said...

better start sudah sikit skit-if kaki bengkak susah mau jalan..lagipun now ada sale-metrojaya not bad

memeljoan said...

Bestnya kan...hmm, my friend yg lebih kurang mcm ko dia punya due, blm start pakai baju mengandung lgi sbb perut dia bukan membulat...tapi satu badan mengembang...eheheh.

rahma said...

hi vienne... wah, tia sangka kan... me 7 months oready. try buy a bit of unisex babywear. nnt klu ko sdh masuk 7 or 8 months, mcm malas mo jalan tu. o ya, this coming 24th july if am not mistaken, ada mega sale kan, so its time to grab all ur needs. i found great deal on baby wear d parkson during last promotion. p la.... :)

btw, i've posted a few entries on baby's, come by to read it. mn tau ada idea mo beli brg baby. btw, good luck on your shopping dear ^-^v