Nothing Much to say~

The laziness keep on haunting me these days..
worried of so many things....and of course about the pregnancy..
sometimes i feel depressed not because of the pregnancy but i just dunno..
when i read others blog i feel so jealous ...especially to those going here and there vacation..because I am pregnant i cant go anywhere...huhu..actually we almost get a ticket going somewhere this year but later after that i found out that i am pregnant, which lucky enough i didnt buy....and now, like most of the time, i just stay at home. I even didnt go online because i hate (actually damn so jealous) looking friends's picture and their story..am i too early to have baby??
But, looking at the brighter side...I know the baby is our HOPE, our LOVE and our bundle of JOY...i supposed to be happy...and i know it is just a feeling....hubby and me cant wait for the arrivals. my Pregnancy was about 26 weeks and the arrival is not about 12 weeks..There are so many things to prepare and hubby getting busy with his photography which I believe the baby's luck...
one problem that worried me so much these days was the high level of glucose in blood. Mine was maximum of the normal level but if i didnt take care of what i eat, then diabetic during pregnancy will hit me..so now, i have to cut my carbohidrat and sweet drink intake which really hard for me as i always hungry...=(, have to take the test another 2 times...so now have to eat lots of vege...huhuhu


Joan said...

things always happen for a reason claire.

take care during your pregnancy yea. hormonal changes i guess tu dats y mixed feelings u having.

i did go places juga tapi sometimes sa wish for another thing. dats life and dats how us jadi human.

cheers for the new week.

sHeiLa said...

well clare..don't think too much about that. u should be bless and thankful for what u have now. I envy u girl, because u have ur own lil'family in ur age..

I still don't know how to build my own family, since i'm going to have Pjj-sorta for couple of years..and now i am so jealous because in couple of months, u'll have baby, but i will have mine urmmmm..don't know when..uwaaa

Vienne said...

Joan: ya bha.tu la sa rasa skrg..sgt2 sensitif ni...dei...

Sheila:thanx aa..sometimes bila nampak urg yg masi single and enjoy their life sa jeles ..sa rsa mcm awal btul ni...tp bila fikir btul2, memang sa kna terima hakikat kan...cuma tu la...mixed feeling ..

reanaclaire said...

take care.. pregnancy is a very sentimental time for both mother and father.. very special..


Alv0808 said...

Do take care.. go and do sonething you like. Dont stress a lot..not good for the baby nanti dia kelaur tidak pandai senyum..hehehe..

Deana E said...

baby is a blessing, just remember so many ppl are trying to get pregnant but failed so count your blessing. travelling can wait

i have glucose problem too so it can lead to bigger baby and need to be borned by 38th weeks.just get ready.

take care

Dee Loner said...

Do take care. Avoid the unnecessary stress k? the vacay you can do after the baby is born.. it's few more weeks to go..