I'm not going online that much~

well...regarding on my title...oo yess....i did online everyday but not like last time..i just browsing FB, read updated blog and some websites. i love to sleep all day, reading book and doing nothing...adoiii..
my day and night occupied with other things but not with computer..
I love it when i lay on our bed and feel the kicks of the baby...the kicking feels wonderful. but everytime hubby want to feel it the baby will stop moving...he said the baby might not like him so i said to him always talk to our baby. he did and happy to feel the kicking and moving. now we always spend time together to talk to baby. OK, now i cant wait the arrivals even we both worried because we dont have any experience of taking care of the baby. but we know, every parents out there also ever experience the first time right....

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