Whoops~~ALmost New Year

whoaaa...First of all


I think it's not too late to wish u all blesses Christmas right?
i have great time with families last christmas. Too bad, we dont have family picture this year..aiyaaa..anyway, 3 of us will taking picture before end of year~ finger cross

so looking forward for New Year of 2011~it is 2 days before year end
first thing to do tomorrow~get chicken wings and charcoal before it running out~

Now it is time for reflection. Let see if i have achieve my 2010 resolution.check this post here.

so my 2010 resolutions was:
1. Get extra SAvings into my ASB,- ooh well, I did put extra in my ASB early year but withdraw it when for the preparation of the arrival of Baby Caelan. but nevermind as long is it was use to something wise. after all money is not everything and we can always put more next year~finger cross~
2. Vacation (Still thinking where to go) - too bad, we go NO WHERE~ the plan is going to China but luckily i know i pregnant before i pay deposit one week earlier. so we decided not to go anywhere...well the world map will not change rite? the Aussie or CHina will never move isnt?
3.Business better than last year - oo yesss..it expanding. Photography is one good passion and makes money. we got offer like every month and most of the $$ went to new lens. oo yeah..my kampung2 shop is almost done. will open it maybe around January 2011..
4. To love and become a superGOOD wife, sister, daughter and friends to everyone. - well, this one will be added to 2011 list...hehe
5. Less shopping - oo yeah.since i'm pregnant i not going much to shopping but after i deliver I love doing online shopping..haishhhhh.

so afterall i didnt achieve my 2010 resolution =(( SAD!
But 2010 means a lot to hubby and me. Pregnancy and deliver Baby Caelan are the most precious moments that i will never forget in my life. The arrival of Baby Caelan makes our marriage blessed and completed.

SO now, what i wish for my 2011?

1. Decrease the fats around my tummy. I am out of shape now~ i no longer can wear my dress..bidaaa..nampak tu buruyut d puyut. urg ingat pregnant walau baru branak..damn~

2. Expanding the business (again). well, relying on our monthly salary is never enough for us. we have tight budget.


3. We must build our HOUSE or at least build it before end year of 2011 The land is ready but money is not ready yet..haishh..

I think that's all i wish for. I dont want to wish too much. What's urs?

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Alv0808 said...

Good luck for that then..Happy New Year