His birthday is 10 days away...i just need opinion from everyone...maybe lunch for two is a great choice since we cant leave baby Caelan during night.
cooking for him is impossible because there are a lots of people at home.
and i dunoo what to give him because all the thiings he want all this while is Iphone 4 and iphone 4 is really out of budget~


noradzlina.kamdani said...

1. create ur own card n wish him n invite him for a hi T

2. frame ur pictures together from the moment both u were on dates till the born of ur baby..

but the most important thing is u, ur baby n ur life together with him
wish u all the best.

Kaseh said...

lunch is good..or maybe surprise him wif a weekend getaway..lepaks2 hanimun balik :)

sHeiLa said...

lunch for two~!

perhaps makan-makan is the best way to celebrate things ba..heee

Nanak said...

cutenya baby Caelan!