Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Hope it is not too late to wish to those who celebrate CNY

been awhile I have been away from my blog. i hardly go online not because of no internet. but busy with my baby. Caelan learns thing very fast and i am glad about it. but now he know to tell what he want. like if he want to sit on his rocker he make a sound(or crying). He is best with his crying nowadays.I never had problem putting him to sleep every night and he never disturb our sleep so far until this 2-3 days.I spend my early 1 week CNY hols with handling my fever. 2 days later which is the day before yesterday, still fever and cough, Caelan got fever and cough too. so it is so tiring to handle him while i am sick too. he cries, and he always want me to hold him. When i am too sick. i let his babysitter taking care of him while i'm resting but he still looking for me.

It was first time he got fever since he was born. On the day he got fever, it was morning when i realised his body temperature is high. luckily i always have my thermometer and can check him. I was so shocked that his temperature reached 37 degrees and try not to panic. no wonder he cry a lot the night before. so hubby brought caelan and me to clinic. SO both mommy and son got our own medicine. that afternoon, caelan body temperature is getting higher and reaches to almost 39 degrees. after 2 times taking his medicine, luckily during that evening his body temperature start to decrease. and the next morning his fever was totally gone. Thanx God. after a battle, no sleep just to make sure we dont forget to give his medicine, to change the towel for the forehead; at last his fever is gone eventho mine is getting worst. it is good to see him sleeps like always. altho the cough still there but he manage to sleep well.

But, the mommy here still having bad sore throat and cough~!


Clare Rachel said...

get well soon clare...

Lina said...

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