Just wanna wish everyone

Happy Valentine Day~
how's ur celebration with ur loves?
if u ask me, hubby and me never celebrate valentine day just like others. reason? no specific reason.
As long as we always together then it is my perfect gift after all. i dunt need flower because i dunno where to put the flower or what to do with them. i am not a flower fan. but lately i began to love flower esp when i see those who plant flower of their own. If u ask me, i dunt know how to plant flower or vege. chocolate also the symbol of valentine. well, i am a big fan of chocolate. The chocolate supply in my fridge never end because hubby always refill it..ahaks...i have chocolate for almost everyday. My fav chocolate is all flavor of Cadbury....
and again

Happy Valentine day to all~


sHeiLa said...

what??! chocs in the fridge? astagaaa..punya heaven ko clare!

ba, happy V day to u, joseh and the baby as well..muah!

Anonymous said...

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