punya lama~

been awhile not blogging. sorry for those who visit my blog and there are no updates. well, i still visit my those in my list (update) and leave comment and some are not but i still read urs.
this few days or rather says weeks i feel down with myself. i am too stress of my body figure and my tummy. i no longer fit with some (most actually) of my work's outfit. i cant wear my body fit tops because of my flabby tummy. i dont happy going here and there showing them to my friends. and i notice the double chin is there too~ now i want to lose weight~
I want to do exercise but i dunt dare to do exercise especially exercise like sit-up since i have c-sec. =(
eat pills? i dunt think so... i would like to go for herbalife again but our tight budget wont allow me to have it. so the solution. eat wisely..hehe...

Baby caelan is 4 month 3 weeks. He almost 5 months. he can roll over already, smile a lot, and respond to sound. he can don many things like take thing when u hand over him, pull others' hair, listen to music..owh he loves twinkle2 little star and the lions sleep tonite by hippo on youtube. hehe...he grow so fast~


Joan said...

cheer up claire... :)

dun susah hati so much about the figure. you kurus juga tu nanti. slowly lah. lagi pun u breast feeding kan. mesti cepat juga tu.

Claire Cassandra T said...

dear..try tuu HL punya pemakanan ja la~...i knw how down u were..same like me...me on the way suda ni mo discipline...inda tahan tu tempting~

i cmpletly understand mcmana susa mo exercise sbb ko c-sec kan...but stil u can walk around ka~ angkat2 c caelan ka...hehehe..

anyway, good luck kio~

nc said...

you'll get ur normal figure sooner o later :) enjoy life now..

hehe..sa pun malas o mau update2 blog skg.. kenapa tu a.. andang2 kah? hehe

Ava said...

yeah, you'll get your figure soon, don't you worry :)