maybe this is the first time??

Normally i dunt really blog about Caelan's dad..or..did i??
i guess no...
we have been together for more than 10 years and almost 2 years married..when people knows our story some of them will happy and some will say..'nda bosan ka?'
well, why we never bored to each other is because we have same interest... apa sa suka dia suka apa dia suka sa suka tp sa slalu hot2 chicken shit~(dia bilang la)
He is into photography which actually i started it first when i start blog and most all blogger has DSLR and i only can get Canon 1000D. I learn and learn anything about photography so does him. So we get another DSLR but he learns thing fast and mastered it actually. and now use far too advance DSLR user and knows photoshop much better ( mastered it actually)than me..huhu
He knows i love to blog and recently he is now making his own website and he is now making one for me..and of course he is paying for it =) . Just want to share his link ..check out Caelan's dad website


notes to him:
honey manatau u were here reading my blog kan..sa suda tolong promote aa...

P/s: 3 days to our wed anny~

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AnnieMing said...

Oh blog si Joseh pula tu :D Hehe.. Bah, nanti sa taru di bloglist sa. Have a blessed Sunday, Vienne!